Automated Communication Reduce No shows
Automated Communication Reduce No shows

Unlimited SMS package for a fixed monthly fee*

You no longer need to worry about per-message charges growing as your business grows.

With ezyVet's unlimited SMS package you get a free set up, implementation and support, free SMS templates, unlimited SMS sends and the opportunity to unlock more revenue within your practice

Here are a few reasons you will enjoy ezyVet's two-way SMS

Two-way messaging

With ezyVet’s two-way SMS system, you can set up automated reminders about upcoming appointments and receive confirmation from clients which automatically updates the appointment status on your ezyVet site, allowing your team to be a step ahead with making contact with any unconfirmed appointments.

Advanced automation

ezyVet SMS messages can be sent for a range of other scenarios, including SOCs. This is a fantastic way to ensure your clients are reminded of upcoming consultations or vaccinations that are due. You can setup automatic reminders which are linked to the last billing date or previous appointment, ensuring your system automatically reminds clients and have them come back to you.

Fully integrated

We integrate SMS into the core functionality of our software, which means you can send text messages, set up automated appointment reminders, and access all of your SMS records directly from within your ezyVet site. Managing all your channels from a single platform allows you to work more efficiently, break down communications silos, and ultimately better serve your patients and clients.

SMS Statistics

SMS has an absurdly high open rate (the percentage of recipients who open a specific message). In comparison, email has an open rate of 20% and a response rate of 6%.


Open Rate


Response rate


Reduce in no-shows

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  • Boost revenue - send appointment reminders via SMS and reduce the amount of missed appointments.
  • Strengthens client engagement - two-way messaging will allow your customers to engage with you and confirm appointments.
  • Increase loyalty - let your clients know when their pets next vaccination is based on the last billing trigger, and ensure they come back to you.
  • Save time - automate SMS communications to reduce manual, repetitive tasks and spend your time taking care of patients.

Learn more about the benefits of SMS

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