How different clinic types can best incorporate telemedicine

Veterinary clinics of all sizes and types have embraced telemedicine as a way to provide care while conserving time and generating revenue.

Veterinary Telemedicine by Clinic Type

For many veterinarians across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic afforded them the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of their clinical offerings for their clients and ways to monetize this service. Many clinics have wondered whether or not telemedicine could work in their clinic and meet the needs of their clientele. In order to help with that, here are some best practices and ideas for telemedicine use in different clinical settings:

General Practice Clinics

These clinics are the most common types of clinics and have been some of the earliest adopters of veterinary telemedicine technology. Offering a telemedicine service to your veterinary clientele signals that you are a modern clinic that wishes to meet the needs of convenience-conscious pet parents. Telemedicine allows you to digitally connect with pet owners conveniently from any location through your technological devices. In addition, one of the most common uses of telemedicine in a general practice setting is for the follow-up/recheck process. Veterinary telemedicine creates a tremendous amount of efficiency and convenience for the veterinary staff and pet parents inside a process that would normally seem tedious and perhaps unnecessary to some.

In addition to proving efficiency and convenience, general practices have found that veterinary telemedicine gives them the capability to generate revenue that otherwise would have gone unrealized.

Almost every veterinarian regularly provides important veterinary services for free via text, call, email, and even social media. Telemedicine allows clinics to start getting paid for all of the care that they previously gave away for free, and they quickly see just how much revenue they’re able to generate in such a short time period.

Emergency Clinics

Stressful and potentially frantic medical situations are common for emergency clinics. Aiding in that stress are inefficient communication processes between the veterinary staff and the worried pet parents. This has only been exacerbated by the pandemic which has kept many pet parents from even being physically present in the facility during an emergency situation with their beloved animals.

"Many emergency clinics have tried to utilize free video conferencing services like Zoom to deal with this problem, but that platform can fall short in meeting the clinical needs of the veterinary staff."

Steven Carter

Co Founder & CEO, TeleVet

Veterinary telemedicine allows you to communicate directly with the pet owner even if they are unable to physically be in the clinic. This is incredibly helpful for emergency clinics located in areas that only allow for curbside service. In addition, telemedicine consultations allow the veterinary staff the ability to triage a medical situation prior to an animal arriving at the facility. This helps the clinic team determine whether or not an animal even needs to come in, which keeps the animal from a potentially more stressful environment and frees up the veterinary staff for other more pressing cases.

Specialty Clinics

Specialty clinics of all types (i.e., dermatology, dentistry, oncology, hospice, etc.) are using telemedicine with great success. While all of the benefits of telemedicine for general practices still apply to specialty practices, the uniqueness of the specialty consultations creates even more beneficial capabilities for these clinics. For example, dermatology clinics can take full advantage of a pet parent’s own personal technology to do a video telemedicine consultation if the animal cannot be there in person. These clinics enjoy the convenience of being able to share their screen with non-present pet parents to go over diagrams, charts, x-rays, scans, written care plans, etc.

Additionally, many specialty clinics put a premium on being able to reduce an animal’s stress levels especially in cases where a serious sickness is involved or end-of-life care is necessary.

The last thing that many pet parents want to do is put their animals through any more stress or suffering than is absolutely necessary, so specialty clinics that employ telemedicine services give those individuals the confidence that they will still receive high-quality care for their animals but in a stress-free environment.


Horse owners have incredibly high expectations and standards for the availability and service of their equine veterinarians. This generally leads many equine veterinarians to provide a 24/7/365 service model which can lead to burnout and/or severe personal health issues. Telemedicine allows you to be “on-demand” to your equine clientele as they have become accustomed to without the same level of travel and hassle.

Telemedicine consultations prior to traveling for an on-site medical consultation helps equine veterinarians have a better idea of what they are walking into, and it could even keep them from having to travel at all.

Additionally, good veterinary telemedicine platforms allow you to easily keep track of the medical consultations that you have provided for the horse, which is very convenient and necessary during a sales transaction involving said horse.

The Right Veterinary Telemedicine Platform for You

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