Ah, 2022.

We learned. We collaborated. And we continued to innovate, rolling out dozens of new product features and enhancements to help our awesome customers do what they do best.

Yes, it was a busy year here at ezyVet - and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

We’ve dived deep into our own data, pulling facts and figures from across the business to put together a snapshot of what we accomplished in the past year.

2022 year in numbers 1

Help the people helping the animals - that's the whole ethos behind what we do here at ezyVet. We love providing veterinary professionals with the tools they need to deliver outstanding patient care, and every year our impact grows.

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2022, ezyVet users enrolled 69,126,814 new patients, booked 29,072,134 appointments, ran 10,819,574 diagnostic tests, and delivered 8,396,783 vaccinations.

2022 year in numbers 2

It goes without saying that patient health is the leading priority for us here at ezyVet as well as the veterinary professionals who rely on our software. But we’re also proud to provide our customers with the tools they need to thrive financially. In 2022, ezyVet customers generated millions of invoices, with a cumulative value of $27,936,667,722.96. That’s more than the GDP of Iceland!

2022 year in numbers 3

Over the course of 2022, we continued to grow and expand our presence in the veterinary market. We hit some exciting milestones along the way, including reaching 90,000 ezyVet users and 25,000 Vet Radar users!

And with international travel back on the cards, we were stoked to return to the conference circuit. It was a breath of fresh air to reconnect with the veterinary community in person while showcasing ezyVet and Vet Radar at some of the biggest veterinary events on the planet. In total, we attended a whopping 34 veterinary conferences in 2022.

2022 year in numbers 4

As the needs of our awesome customers continued to evolve throughout 2022, so too did our product. We rolled out 90 new features and enhancements over the course of the year, along with 12 new ezyVet integrations. Check out this blog post for some of our favorite new features of 2022.

But it wasn’t all about introducing shiny new bells and whistles. In 2022, we also looked for ways to improve our current features and systems, fixing more than 800 defects across our application suite.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our talented development teams working hard behind the scenes. In 2022, we hired 34 new developers, who will play a crucial role in developing more exciting new ezyVet features in the years ahead.

2022 year in numbers 5

We’ve always been proud of the support we provide. With rockstar support teams in the US, UK, and New Zealand, we’re one of the few cloud-based practice management software companies that offers 24/7 phone-based support. In 2022, we provided our customers with 545,000 minutes of phone support - that’s one full calendar year of support, or the equivalent of watching the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy 800 times!

Our product team evidently loves a good chat, too. In 2022, the product team conducted 590 one-on-one interviews and spent 280 hours talking with our customers to pick their brains and learn more about their experiences with ezyVet. The insights we gain from these interviews are crucial for helping us better understand the needs of our users and shaping future product decisions.

ezyVet 2022 year in review infographic


To sum it all up, it was a remarkable year. Thanks to our customers, partners, and anyone else we crossed paths with in 2022 - we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2023!