What a year 2020 was! We delivered over 100 new features with everything from wellness and clinical improvements to ezyVet Version 30 with invoice sublines. Being in the cloud also allowed us to quickly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and help our customers adjust to a new way of working with telemedicine and remote payments.

Watch the video below as we recap 2020 and outline what we're planning to deliver in 2021 and beyond.

The process behind the Product Roadmap

  1. Discover and define customer problems
    The first step of the Product team is to scope and determine what is it they need to build that will provide the biggest amount of value to our customers. 

  2. Design and validate solutions
    The design phase then begins with the creation of prototypes and confidence testing, ensuring that customer needs are met, uncover any unknowns, well ahead of being put into engineering production. 

  3. Scope and translate for engineers
    Once we’ve validated designs, we get into the technical details with engineers to start building the feature or design. 

  4. Execute software build
    The role of the Product team at this stage is to support and provide guidance to the engineering team throughout the build process.

  5. Release, support and measure
    This is the most exciting part for the Product team, where they can see the feature being used in the real world. An important step is to keep measuring performance to ensure that it is working as intended, creating positive impacts for you, our customers.